Class CmsGlobalConfigurationCacheEventHandler

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    public class CmsGlobalConfigurationCacheEventHandler
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements I_CmsEventListener
    This event handler manages cache instances which are instances of the interface I_CmsGlobalConfigurationCache. It keeps a list of cache instance pairs, each containing one cache for the online mode and one for the offline mode, and handles events caused by changed resources by notifying the cache instances. Note that *all* changed resources will get passed to the underlying cache instances, so those instances will need to check whether the resource passed into the update or remove methods is actually a resource with which the cache instance is concerned.

    This class should be used if you have an indefinite number of configuration files at arbitrary locations in the VFS. If you need to cache e.g. a single configuration file with a known, fixed path, using CmsVfsMemoryObjectCache is easier.