Class CmsPublishRelationFinder

  • public class CmsPublishRelationFinder
    extends java.lang.Object
    Helper class for finding all related resources for a set of resources to be published, for use with the new ADE publish dialog.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsPublishRelationFinder

        public CmsPublishRelationFinder​(CmsObject cms,
                                        java.util.Collection<CmsResource> resources,
                                        boolean keepOriginalUnchangedResources,
                                        I_CmsPublishRelatedResourceProvider relProvider)
        Creates a new instance.

        cms - the CMS context to use
        resources - the resources for which the related resources should be found
        keepOriginalUnchangedResources - true if unchanged resources from the original resource list should be kept
        relProvider - provider for additional related resources