Interface I_CmsEditableDataExtensions

  • public interface I_CmsEditableDataExtensions
    Extended attributes for editable data generated by e.g. the <cms:display> tag.

    This is mainly to simplify the implementation, so we can use the GWT AutoBean mechanism for future additions to the editable data (as long as they're convertible to JSON) and don't have to individually write the attributes to JSON.

    • Method Detail

      • getUploadFolder

        java.lang.String getUploadFolder()
        Gets the upload folder.
        the upload folder
      • isUploadEnabled

        boolean isUploadEnabled()
        Returns true if the upload is enabled.
        true if the upload is enabled
      • setUploadEnabled

        void setUploadEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Enables/disables uploading.
        enabled - true if the upload should be enabled
      • setUploadFolder

        void setUploadFolder​(java.lang.String uploadFolder)
        Sets the upload folder.
        uploadFolder - the upload folder