Class CmsVfsBundleManager

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      • LOG

        protected static final org.apache.commons.logging.Log LOG
        The logger instance for this class.
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      • getNameAndLocale

        public static CmsVfsBundleManager.NameAndLocale getNameAndLocale​(CmsResource bundleRes)
        Extracts the locale and base name from a resource's file name.

        bundleRes - the resource for which to get the base name and locale
        a bean containing the base name and locale
      • isReloadScheduled

        public boolean isReloadScheduled()
        Indicates if a reload thread is currently scheduled.
        true if a reload is currently scheduled
      • reload

        public void reload​(boolean isStartup)
        Re-initializes the resource bundles.

        isStartup - true when this is called during startup
      • setReloadScheduled

        public void setReloadScheduled​(boolean reloadIsScheduled)
        Sets the information if a reload thread is currently scheduled.
        reloadIsScheduled - if true there is a reload currently scheduled
      • shutDown

        public void shutDown()
        Shuts down the VFS bundle manager.

        This will cause the internal reloading Thread not reload in case it is still running.

      • logError

        protected void logError​(java.lang.Exception e,
                                boolean logToErrorChannel)
        Logs an exception that occurred.

        e - the exception to log
        logToErrorChannel - if true erros should be written to the error channel instead of the info channel