Class CmsJspTagExport

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.BodyTag, javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.IterationTag, javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.JspTag, javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.Tag

    public class CmsJspTagExport
    extends javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.BodyTagSupport
    Allows to have certain JSP code on a JSP not processed by OpenCms, which can be useful in case you want to create a JSP page using the OpenCms static export.

    Usually, if you want to create a JSP page using the OpenCms static export, some parts of the page should be processed by OpenCms, while other parts of the JSP are processed later when the exported JSP is deployed in another servlet container. A typical use case is that you have a template applied to the page in OpenCms, but the body content of the page is generated after the static export, for example by a database application.

    Please note: In order to static export a JSP page with the ".jsp" suffix, you need to add the property "exportsuffix" with the value ".jsp" to the OpenCms JSP file in the VFS. Otherwise the static export will always add the suffix ".html".

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      int doStartTag()  
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        public int doStartTag()
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        doStartTag in interface javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.Tag
        doStartTag in class javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.BodyTagSupport
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