Class CmsSearchConfigurationCommon

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      CmsSearchConfigurationCommon​(java.lang.String queryParam, java.lang.String lastQueryParam, java.lang.Boolean escapeQueryChars, java.lang.String reloadedParam, java.lang.Boolean seachForEmptyQuery, java.lang.Boolean ignoreQuery, java.lang.String queryModifier, java.lang.String solrIndex, java.lang.String solrCore, java.lang.String extraSolrParams, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> additionalParameters, java.lang.Boolean ignoreReleaseDate, java.lang.Boolean ignoreExpirationDate, int maxReturnedResults)
      Constructor for the common search configuration, where all configuration parameters are provided.
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      java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> getAdditionalParameters()
      Returns a map from request parameter names to Solr query parts (where the parameter's values are typically inserted).
      boolean getEscapeQueryChars()
      Returns a flag, indicating if special query characters (e.g., ":", "(", "[" ...) should be escaped in the query string.
      java.lang.String getExtraSolrParams()
      Returns the extra params given to Solr.
      boolean getIgnoreExpirationDate()
      Flag, indicating if also resources that are expired.
      boolean getIgnoreQueryParam()
      Returns a flag, indicating if the query and lastquery params should be ignored when generating the query.
      boolean getIgnoreReleaseDate()
      Flag, indicating if also resources that are not yet released.
      java.lang.String getLastQueryParam()
      Returns the parameter name of the request parameter used to send the last query string.
      int getMaxReturnedResults()
      Returns the number of maximally returned results.
      java.lang.String getModifiedQuery​(java.lang.String queryString)
      Modifies the query string according to the specified query modifier.
      java.lang.String getQueryModifier()
      Returns the modifier for queries.
      java.lang.String getQueryParam()
      Returns the parameter name of the request parameter used to send the current query string.
      java.lang.String getReloadedParam()
      Returns the parameter name of the request parameter used to indicate if the search form is loaded the first time or repeatedly.
      boolean getSearchForEmptyQueryParam()
      Returns a flag, indicating if for an empty search query, search should be performed using a wildcard.
      java.lang.String getSolrCore()
      Returns the Solr core that should be used.
      java.lang.String getSolrIndex()
      Returns the Solr index that should be used.
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