Class A_CmsJspCustomContextBean

    • Method Detail

      • getCmsObject

        public CmsObject getCmsObject()
        Returns the cms object for the current context.
        the cms object for the current context.
      • toXml

        protected I_CmsXmlDocument toXml​(java.lang.Object input)
                                  throws CmsException
        Converts the input (typically a specification of an XML file) to an XML document. If the input already is an XML document, it is returned. Otherwise the method assumes the input specifies an XML file and tries to determine and unmarshal that file.nd unmarshal that file To determine the file toResource(Object) is used.
        input - the object to be converted to an XML document.
        the XML document specified by the input.
        CmsException - if converting the input to a XML document fails.