Class CmsJspVfsAccessBean.CmsResourcePropertyLoaderTransformer

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    public class CmsJspVfsAccessBean.CmsResourcePropertyLoaderTransformer
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.apache.commons.collections.Transformer
    Transformer that loads properties of a resource from the OpenCms VFS with another lazy map, the input is used as String for the resource name to read.

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      java.lang.Object transform​(java.lang.Object input)  
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      • CmsResourcePropertyLoaderTransformer

        public CmsResourcePropertyLoaderTransformer​(boolean search)
        Creates a new property loading Transformer.

        search - indicates if properties should be searched when loaded
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        public java.lang.Object transform​(java.lang.Object input)
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        transform in interface org.apache.commons.collections.Transformer
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