Class CmsHtmlMail

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    public class CmsHtmlMail
    extends org.apache.commons.mail.HtmlEmail
    This class is used to send an HTML formatted email with optional attachments.

    A text message can also be set for HTML unaware email clients, such as text-based email clients.

    It uses the Apache Commons Email API and extends the provided classes to conveniently generate emails using the OpenCms configuration.

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        CID_LENGTH, html, inlineEmbeds, inlineImages, text
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        ATTACHMENTS, authenticator, bccList, bounceAddress, ccList, charset, content, CONTENT_TYPE, contentType, debug, EMAIL_BODY, EMAIL_SUBJECT, emailBody, FILE_SERVER, fromAddress, headers, hostName, ISO_8859_1, KOI8_R, MAIL_DEBUG, MAIL_HOST, MAIL_PORT, MAIL_SMTP_AUTH, MAIL_SMTP_CONNECTIONTIMEOUT, MAIL_SMTP_FROM, MAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD, MAIL_SMTP_SOCKET_FACTORY_CLASS, MAIL_SMTP_SOCKET_FACTORY_FALLBACK, MAIL_SMTP_SOCKET_FACTORY_PORT, MAIL_SMTP_TIMEOUT, MAIL_SMTP_USER, MAIL_TRANSPORT_PROTOCOL, MAIL_TRANSPORT_TLS, message, popBeforeSmtp, popHost, popPassword, popUsername, RECEIVER_EMAIL, RECEIVER_NAME, replyList, SENDER_EMAIL, SENDER_NAME, sentDate, SMTP, smtpPort, socketConnectionTimeout, socketTimeout, ssl, sslSmtpPort, subject, TEXT_HTML, TEXT_PLAIN, tls, toList, US_ASCII
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      Default constructor of a CmsHtmlMail.
      CmsHtmlMail​(CmsMailHost mailHost)
      Constructor of a CmsHtmlMail where the mail host is explicitly chosen..
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        buildMimeMessage, embed, embed, embed, embed, embed, embed, setHtmlMsg, setMsg, setTextMsg
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        addPart, addPart, addPart, attach, attach, attach, attach, attach, attach, createBodyPart, createMimeMultipart, getContainer, getPrimaryBodyPart, getSubType, init, isBoolHasAttachments, isInitialized, setBoolHasAttachments, setInitialized, setSubType
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        addBcc, addBcc, addBcc, addBcc, addCc, addCc, addCc, addCc, addHeader, addReplyTo, addReplyTo, addReplyTo, addTo, addTo, addTo, addTo, createMimeMessage, getBccAddresses, getBounceAddress, getCcAddresses, getFromAddress, getHeader, getHeaders, getHostName, getMailSession, getMimeMessage, getReplyToAddresses, getSentDate, getSmtpPort, getSocketConnectionTimeout, getSocketTimeout, getSslSmtpPort, getSubject, getToAddresses, isSendPartial, isSSL, isSSLCheckServerIdentity, isSSLOnConnect, isStartTLSEnabled, isStartTLSRequired, isTLS, send, sendMimeMessage, setAuthentication, setAuthenticator, setBcc, setBounceAddress, setCc, setCharset, setContent, setContent, setDebug, setFrom, setFrom, setFrom, setHeaders, setHostName, setMailSession, setMailSessionFromJNDI, setPopBeforeSmtp, setReplyTo, setSendPartial, setSentDate, setSmtpPort, setSocketConnectionTimeout, setSocketTimeout, setSSL, setSSLCheckServerIdentity, setSSLOnConnect, setSslSmtpPort, setStartTLSEnabled, setStartTLSRequired, setSubject, setTLS, setTo, toInternetAddressArray, updateContentType
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsHtmlMail

        public CmsHtmlMail()
        Default constructor of a CmsHtmlMail.

        The mail host name and the mail from address are set to the OpenCms default values of the configuration.

      • CmsHtmlMail

        public CmsHtmlMail​(CmsMailHost mailHost)
        Constructor of a CmsHtmlMail where the mail host is explicitly chosen..

        The mail from address is set to the OpenCms default values of the configuration.

        mailHost - the mail host to use (a host configured in OpenCms).