Class CmsIndexingThreadManager

  • public class CmsIndexingThreadManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    Implements the management of indexing threads.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsIndexingThreadManager

        public CmsIndexingThreadManager​(long timeout,
                                        int maxModificationsBeforeCommit)
        Creates and starts a thread manager for indexing threads.

        timeout - timeout after a thread is abandoned
        maxModificationsBeforeCommit - the maximum number of modifications before a commit in the search index is triggered
    • Method Detail

      • createIndexingThread

        public void createIndexingThread​(CmsVfsIndexer indexer,
                                         I_CmsIndexWriter writer,
                                         CmsResource res)
        Creates and starts a new indexing thread for a resource.

        After an indexing thread was started, the manager suspends itself and waits for an amount of time specified by the timeout value. If the timeout value is reached, the indexing thread is aborted by an interrupt signal.

        indexer - the VFS indexer to create the index thread for
        writer - the index writer that can update the index
        res - the resource
      • isRunning

        public boolean isRunning()
        Returns if the indexing manager still have indexing threads.

        true if the indexing manager still have indexing threads
      • reportStatistics

        public void reportStatistics​(I_CmsReport report)
        Writes statistical information to the report.

        The method reports the total number of threads started (equals to the number of indexed files), the number of returned threads (equals to the number of successfully indexed files), and the number of abandoned threads (hanging threads reaching the timeout).

        report - the report to write the statistics to