Class CmsGalleryNameMacroResolver

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    public class CmsGalleryNameMacroResolver
    extends CmsMacroResolver
    Macro resolver used to resolve macros for the gallery name mapping.

    This supports the following special macros:

    • %(no_prefix:some more text): This will expand to "some more text" if, after expanding all other macros in the input string, there is at least one character before the occurence of this macro, and to an empty string otherwise.
    • %(value:/Some/XPath): This will expand to the value under the given XPath in the XML content and locale with which the macro resolver was initialized. If no value is found under the XPath, the macro will expand to an empty string.
    • %(page_nav): This will expand to the NavText property of the container page in which this element is referenced. If this element is referenced from multiple container pages with the same locale, this macro is expanded to an empty string.
    • %(page_title): Same as %(page_nav), but uses the Title property instead of NavText.