Class CmsXmlSitemapActionElement

    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsXmlSitemapActionElement

        public CmsXmlSitemapActionElement​(javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext pageContext,
                                          javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request,
                                          javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse response)
        Constructor, with parameters.
        pageContext - the JSP page context object
        request - the JSP request
        response - the JSP response
    • Method Detail

      • createSitemapGenerator

        public static CmsXmlSitemapGenerator createSitemapGenerator​(java.lang.String className,
                                                                    java.lang.String folderRootPath)
                                                             throws CmsException
        Creates an XML sitemap generator instance given a class name and the root path for the sitemap.

        className - the class name of the sitemap generator (may be null for the default
        folderRootPath - the root path of the start folder for the sitemap
        the sitemap generator instance
        CmsException - if something goes wrong
      • run

        public void run()
                 throws java.lang.Exception
        Displays either the generated sitemap.xml or the generated robots.txt, depending on the configuration.

        java.lang.Exception - if something goes wrong