Class CmsPasswordFieldState

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    public class CmsPasswordFieldState
    extends com.vaadin.v7.shared.ui.textfield.AbstractTextFieldState
    Widget state for the special password field used by the login dialog.
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        columns, inputPrompt, maxLength, text
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        immediate, readOnly
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        caption, captionAsHtml, description, descriptionContentMode, errorLevel, errorMessage, height, id, primaryStyleName, styles, width
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        enabled, registeredEventListeners, resources
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      boolean isPasswordVisible()
      Returns true if the password is visible.
      void setPasswordVisible​(boolean visible)
      Sets the password visibility.
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    • Method Detail

      • isPasswordVisible

        public boolean isPasswordVisible()
        Returns true if the password is visible.
        true if the password is visible
      • setPasswordVisible

        public void setPasswordVisible​(boolean visible)
        Sets the password visibility.
        visible - true if the password should be visible