Interface I_CmsDialogHandler

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    public interface I_CmsDialogHandler
    extends I_CmsConfigurationParameterHandler
    Provides a method for selecting an individual jsp dialog.

    You can define the class of your own dialog handler in the OpenCms opencms-workplace.xml changing the <class> attribute of the node <dialoghandler> to another value. The class you enter must implement this interface to obtain the URI of the displayed dialog.

    • Method Detail

      • getDialogHandler

        java.lang.String getDialogHandler()
        Returns the name of the handler which is used as key for the OpenCms runtime properties.

        Store the name of the key as a public String constant in the CmsDialogSelector class.

        the name of the dialog handler
      • getDialogUri

        java.lang.String getDialogUri​(java.lang.String resource,
                                      CmsJspActionElement jsp)
        Returns the dialog URI in the OpenCms VFS to the dialog selector class.

        resource - the selected resource
        jsp - the CmsJspActionElement
        the absolute path to the property dialog