Class CmsFormParent

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,,,,,,, java.lang.Iterable<>, I_CmsInlineFormParent

    public class CmsFormParent
    implements I_CmsInlineFormParent
    Inline form parent widget.

    Use to wrap any HTML element of the DOM as the parent of an inline form.

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      CmsFormParent​( rootPanel)
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      void adoptWidget​( widget)
      Adopts the given widget as a child widget.
      protected getWidget()
      Provides subclasses access to the topmost widget that defines this panel.
      protected void initWidget​( widget)
      Sets the widget to be wrapped by the composite.
      boolean isAttached()  
      void onBrowserEvent​( event)  
      void replaceHtml​(java.lang.String html)
      Replaces the inner HTML of widget to reflect content data changes.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsFormParent

        public CmsFormParent​( rootPanel)

        rootPanel - the root panel to wrap
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      • isAttached

        public boolean isAttached()
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        isAttached in interface
        isAttached in class
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      • onBrowserEvent

        public void onBrowserEvent​( event)
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        onBrowserEvent in interface
        onBrowserEvent in class
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      • getWidget

        protected getWidget()
        Provides subclasses access to the topmost widget that defines this panel.
        the widget
      • initWidget

        protected void initWidget​( widget)
        Sets the widget to be wrapped by the composite. The wrapped widget must be set before calling any Widget methods on this object, or adding it to a panel. This method may only be called once for a given composite.
        widget - the widget to be wrapped