Class CmsWidgetService

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      void addChangedOrderPath​(java.lang.String valuePath)
      Adds the given path to the list of paths where child attributes have change their order.
      void addConfigurations​(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsAttributeConfiguration> configurations)
      Adds all configurations.
      void addRenderer​(java.lang.String typeName, I_CmsEntityRenderer renderer)
      Adds a renderer for the given type.
      void addRenderer​(I_CmsEntityRenderer renderer)
      Adds a renderer.
      void addWidgetFactory​(java.lang.String widgetName, I_CmsWidgetFactory widgetFactory)
      Registers the given widget factory with the service.
      I_CmsFormEditWidget getAttributeFormWidget​(java.lang.String attributeName)
      Returns the attribute form editing widget.
      java.lang.String getAttributeHelp​(java.lang.String attributeName)
      Returns the attribute help information.
      I_CmsEditWidget getAttributeInlineWidget​(java.lang.String attributeName, element)
      Returns the attribute inline editing widget wrapping the given DOM element.
      java.lang.String getAttributeLabel​(java.lang.String attributeName)
      Returns the label for the given attribute.
      java.lang.String getDefaultAttributeValue​(java.lang.String attributeName, java.lang.String simpleValuePath)
      Returns the default attribute value.
      I_CmsEntityRenderer getRendererForAttribute​(java.lang.String attributeName)
      Gets the renderer instance for a specific attribute.
      I_CmsEntityRenderer getRendererForAttribute​(java.lang.String attributeName, org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsType attributeType)
      Returns the renderer for the given attribute.
      I_CmsEntityRenderer getRendererForType​(org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsType entityType)
      Returns the renderer for the given entity type.
      void init​(org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsContentDefinition definition)
      Initializes the widget service with the given content definition.
      boolean isDisplayCompact​(java.lang.String attributeName)
      Returns the if the attribute widget should be displayed in compact view.
      boolean isDisplaySingleLine​(java.lang.String attributeName)
      Returns if the attribute widget should be displayed in single line view.
      boolean isVisible​(java.lang.String attributeName)
      Returns if the given attribute should be visible in the editor.
      void registerComplexWidgetAttribute​(java.lang.String attrName, java.lang.String rendererName, java.lang.String configuration)
      Registers a complex widget attribute which should be handled by a special renderer.
      void setDefaultRenderer​(I_CmsEntityRenderer renderer)
      Adds the default complex type renderer.
      void setWidgetFactories​(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​I_CmsWidgetFactory> widgetFactories)
      Sets the widget factories.
      boolean shouldRemoveLastValueAfterUnfocus​(I_CmsEditWidget widget)
      Returns true if the value which this widget is being used for should be disabled if it is unfocused and the last remaining attribute value for a given attribute.
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