Class CmsValuePanel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,,,,,,,,, java.lang.Iterable<>, I_CmsDropTarget, I_CmsHasResizeOnShow

    public class CmsValuePanel
    implements I_CmsDropTarget, I_CmsHasResizeOnShow
    The attribute values panel.

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      protected m_placeholder
      The current place holder.
      protected int m_placeholderIndex
      The placeholder position index.
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      boolean checkPosition​(int x, int y, CmsDNDHandler.Orientation orientation)
      Returns true if the given cursor position is over the drop target.
      int getPlaceholderIndex()
      Returns the index of the placeholder or -1 if no placeholder is attached.
      void highlightOutline()
      Highlights the outline of this panel.
      void insertPlaceholder​( placeholder, int x, int y, CmsDNDHandler.Orientation orientation)
      Inserts a new placeholder.
      void onDrop​(I_CmsDraggable draggable)
      Executed on drop.
      void removeHighlighting()
      Removes the highlighting border.
      void removePlaceholder()
      Removes the placeholder.
      void repositionPlaceholder​(int x, int y, CmsDNDHandler.Orientation orientation)
      Repositions the placeholder.
      void resizeOnShow()
      Adjusts widget's size once it's visible.
      void updateHighlightingPosition()
      Updates the highlighting position if present.
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