Class CmsCodeMirrorToggleButton

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,<java.lang.Boolean>,,,,,

    public class CmsCodeMirrorToggleButton
    extends CmsCodeMirrorToolbarButton
    Simple toggle button for the CodeMirror toolbar.
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      Modifier and Type Method Description addValueChangeHandler​(<java.lang.Boolean> handler)  
      boolean getValue()
      Returns the toggle state.
      void setValue​(boolean value, boolean fireEvents)
      Sets the value.
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        public addValueChangeHandler​(<java.lang.Boolean> handler)
        Specified by:
        addValueChangeHandler in interface<java.lang.Boolean>
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      • getValue

        public boolean getValue()
        Returns the toggle state.
        the toggle state
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(boolean value,
                             boolean fireEvents)
        Sets the value.
        value - the new value
        fireEvents - true if a change event should be fired