Class CmsPatternPanelMonthlyController

    • Method Detail

      • setPatternScheme

        public void setPatternScheme​(boolean isByWeekDay,
                                     boolean fireChange)
        Set the pattern scheme to either "by weekday" or "by day of month".
        isByWeekDay - flag, indicating if the pattern "by weekday" should be set.
        fireChange - flag, indicating if a value change event should be fired.
      • setWeekDay

        public void setWeekDay​(java.lang.String dayString)
        Set the week day the event should take place.
        dayString - the day as string.
      • weeksChange

        public void weeksChange​(java.lang.String week,
                                java.lang.Boolean value)
        Handle a change in the weeks of month.
        week - the changed weeks checkbox's internal value.
        value - the new value of the changed checkbox.