Class CmsSerialDateView

  • All Implemented Interfaces:<CmsFieldSet>,,,,,,,, I_CmsSerialDateValueChangeObserver

    public class CmsSerialDateView
    implements I_CmsSerialDateValueChangeObserver,<CmsFieldSet>
    The serial date widgets UI.
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      protected m_exceptionsPanelContainer
      Panel containing the field set for the exceptions.
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      void onClose​(<CmsFieldSet> event)  
      void onValueChange()
      Method called, when a value change event is fired.
      void setManagementButtonEnabled​(boolean enabled)
      Enable/disable the management button.
      void setStatus​(java.lang.String status)
      Sets the current status.
      void showCurrentDates​(java.util.Collection<org.opencms.util.CmsPair<java.util.Date,​java.lang.Boolean>> dates)
      Shows the provided list of dates as current dates.
      void updateExceptions()
      Updates the exceptions panel.
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    • Field Detail

      • m_exceptionsPanelContainer

        protected m_exceptionsPanelContainer
        Panel containing the field set for the exceptions.
    • Method Detail

      • onClose

        public void onClose​(<CmsFieldSet> event)
        Specified by:
        onClose in interface<CmsFieldSet>
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      • setManagementButtonEnabled

        public void setManagementButtonEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Enable/disable the management button.
        enabled - flag, indicating if the management button should be enabled.
      • setStatus

        public void setStatus​(java.lang.String status)
        Sets the current status.
        status - the status to set.
      • showCurrentDates

        public void showCurrentDates​(java.util.Collection<org.opencms.util.CmsPair<java.util.Date,​java.lang.Boolean>> dates)
        Shows the provided list of dates as current dates.
        dates - the current dates to show, accompanied with the information if they are exceptions or not.
      • updateExceptions

        public void updateExceptions()
        Updates the exceptions panel.