Class CmsListAddDialog

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,<>,,,,,,,,,,,, java.lang.Iterable<>, I_CmsAutoHider

    public class CmsListAddDialog
    extends CmsPopup
    Dialog that allows the user to choose the resource type of a new content to be created.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsListAddDialog

        public CmsListAddDialog​(org.opencms.util.CmsUUID elementId,
                                org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsListElementCreationDialogData listAddData,
                                java.util.function.Consumer<org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsListElementCreationOption> optionHandler)
        Creates a new instance.
        elementId - the container element id
        listAddData - the data about the creatable resource types
        optionHandler - the handler to call with the selected option