Class CmsListCollectorEditor

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    public class CmsListCollectorEditor
    extends A_CmsDirectEditButtons
    Class to provide direct edit buttons within list collector elements.

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      CmsListCollectorEditor​( editable, java.lang.String parentId)
      Creates a new instance.
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      CmsPushButton createFavButton()
      Creates the button to add an element to the user's favorites.
      protected void defaultNew()
      Handles the 'default case' when using the new function on an editable element.
      protected void deleteElement()
      Delete the editable element from page and VFS.
      protected java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,​CmsPushButton> getAdditionalButtons()
      Returns a map of additional buttons in a map, with the button position as key (buttons will be ordered by their position).
      protected java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> getInfoContext()
      Provides context parameters for the resource info dialog.
      protected java.lang.String getUploadButtonTitle​(java.lang.String uploadFolder)
      Gets the upload button title.
      boolean isVisibleInCurrentView()
      Returns true if the element view of the element is compatible with the currently set element view in the container page editor.
      protected void onClickDelete()
      This method should be executed when the "delete" direct edit button is clicked.
      protected void onClickEdit()
      This method should be executed when the "edit" direct edit button is clicked.
      protected void onClickNew​(boolean askCreateMode)
      This method should be executed when the "new" direct edit button is clicked.
      protected void onClickUpload()
      Method to be executed when the "new" direct edit button is clicked, and the corresponding file has a type for which the upload dialog should be triggered.
      protected void openEditDialog​(boolean isNew, java.lang.String mode, org.opencms.ade.contenteditor.shared.CmsEditHandlerData handlerDataForNew)
      Opens the content editor.
      protected void openWarningDialog()
      Shows the delete warning dialog.
      void setParentHasDimensions​(boolean parentHasDimensions)
      Sets the 'parentHasDimensions' flag.
      void setPosition​(CmsPositionBean position, containerElement)
      Sets the position.
      void updateVisibility​(boolean editableContainer)
      Shows or hides the widget depending on the current view and whether the parent element has width or height.
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