Class CmsOriginalFormatRestriction

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      CmsOriginalFormatRestriction​(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String label)
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      void adjustCroppingParam​(CmsCroppingParamBean croppingParam)
      Adjust the given cropping parameter bean to this format restriction.
      int getHeight​(int orgHeight, int orgWidth)
      Returns the preset height for this format restriction.
      java.lang.String getLabel()
      Returns the label for the format.
      java.lang.String getName()
      Returns the format name.
      int getWidth​(int orgHeight, int orgWidth)
      Returns the preset width for this format restriction.
      boolean isCroppingEnabled()
      Returns if this format allows cropping.
      boolean isFixedRatio()
      Returns if this format has a fixed height/width ratio.
      boolean isHeightEditable()
      Returns if height is editable.
      boolean isWidthEditable()
      Returns if width is editable.
      boolean matchesCroppingParam​(CmsCroppingParamBean croppingParam)
      Checks whether the given cropping parameter matches these restrictions.
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