Class A_CmsPreviewDetailTab

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    CmsImageAdvancedTab, CmsImageEditorTab, CmsImageFormatsTab, CmsPropertiesTab

    public abstract class A_CmsPreviewDetailTab
    Basic preview detail tab layout.

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      protected static interface  A_CmsPreviewDetailTab.I_CmsPreviewDetailTabUiBinder  
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    • Field Summary

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      protected m_main
      The main panel.
      protected int m_tabHeight
      The tab height.
      protected int m_tabWidth
      The tab width.
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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      A_CmsPreviewDetailTab​(org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.I_CmsGalleryProviderConstants.GalleryMode dialogMode, int height, int width)
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      protected org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.I_CmsGalleryProviderConstants.GalleryMode getDialogMode()
      Returns the gallery mode.
      protected abstract I_CmsPreviewHandler<?> getHandler()
      Returns the preview handler.
      boolean isChanged()
      Returns if the given tab has changes that need saving.
      protected void setChanged​(boolean changed)
      Sets the changed state of the tab.
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    • Field Detail

      • m_main

        protected m_main
        The main panel.
      • m_tabHeight

        protected int m_tabHeight
        The tab height.
      • m_tabWidth

        protected int m_tabWidth
        The tab width.
    • Constructor Detail

      • A_CmsPreviewDetailTab

        public A_CmsPreviewDetailTab​(org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.I_CmsGalleryProviderConstants.GalleryMode dialogMode,
                                     int height,
                                     int width)

        dialogMode - the gallery mode
        height - the tab height
        width - the tab width
    • Method Detail

      • isChanged

        public boolean isChanged()
        Returns if the given tab has changes that need saving.

        true if the given tab has changes that need saving
      • getDialogMode

        protected org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.I_CmsGalleryProviderConstants.GalleryMode getDialogMode()
        Returns the gallery mode.

        the gallery mode
      • setChanged

        protected void setChanged​(boolean changed)
        Sets the changed state of the tab.

        changed - the changed state