Class CmsPropertyForm

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    public class CmsPropertyForm
    The widget to display a simple form with a label and an text box.

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    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected boolean m_isChanged
      The flag to indicate if the text box value is changed.
      protected java.lang.String m_originalValue
      The original value.
      protected CmsTextBox m_textBox
      The text box.
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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      CmsPropertyForm​(java.lang.String id, java.lang.String value, java.lang.String label, java.lang.String noEditReason)
      The constructor.
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description addValueChangeHandler​(<java.lang.String> handler)  
      java.lang.String getId()
      Returns the id of the property.
      java.lang.String getValue()
      Returns the field value.
      boolean isChanged()
      Returns the isChanged.
      void setFormStyle​(java.lang.String style)
      Sets the style of the parent panel.
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    • Field Detail

      • m_isChanged

        protected boolean m_isChanged
        The flag to indicate if the text box value is changed.
      • m_originalValue

        protected java.lang.String m_originalValue
        The original value.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsPropertyForm

        public CmsPropertyForm​(java.lang.String id,
                               java.lang.String value,
                               java.lang.String label,
                               java.lang.String noEditReason)
        The constructor.

        id - the id of the property from
        value - the property value
        label - the label text to display
        noEditReason - the reason why the properties are not editable
    • Method Detail

      • addValueChangeHandler

        public addValueChangeHandler​(<java.lang.String> handler)
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        addValueChangeHandler in interface<java.lang.String>
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      • getId

        public java.lang.String getId()
        Returns the id of the property.

        the id
      • getValue

        public java.lang.String getValue()
        Returns the field value.

        the field value
      • isChanged

        public boolean isChanged()
        Returns the isChanged.

        the isChanged
      • setFormStyle

        public void setFormStyle​(java.lang.String style)
        Sets the style of the parent panel.

        style - the css class