Class CmsBoxFit

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    public class CmsBoxFit
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements I_CmsTransform
    A coordinate system transform for translating between coordinates relative to a rectangle and the coordinates relative to a second rectangle with the first rectangle fit into the second one, either by just centering if possible or by centering and scaling it.
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      static class  CmsBoxFit.Mode
      Scale mode.
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      CmsBoxFit​(CmsBoxFit.Mode mode, double width, double height, double naturalWidth, double naturalHeight)
      Creates a new instance.
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      java.lang.String toString()  
      org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.CmsPoint transformBack​(org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.CmsPoint point)
      Applies the inverse of the transformation to a point.
      org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.CmsPoint transformForward​(org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.CmsPoint point)
      Applies the transformation to a point.
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