Class CmsUploadPropertyPanel

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    public class CmsUploadPropertyPanel
    implements I_CmsFormHandler
    Panel for the property dialog.

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      CmsUploadPropertyPanel​(CmsUploadPropertyDialog dialog, org.opencms.ade.postupload.shared.CmsPostUploadDialogBean options, org.opencms.ade.postupload.shared.CmsPostUploadDialogPanelBean values)
      Public constructor.
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      CmsSimplePropertyEditor getPropertyEditor()
      Gets the property editor instance.
      java.lang.String getResourcePath()
      Returns the resourcePath.
      org.opencms.ade.postupload.shared.CmsPostUploadDialogPanelBean getUpdatedValues()
      Returns the content bean (values) of the current dialog.
      protected void initializePropertyEditor()
      Sets up the property editor.
      boolean isSubmitting()
      Returns true if properties are currently being submitted.
      protected void onLoad()  
      void onSubmitValidationResult​(CmsForm form, boolean ok)
      This method is called when the validation triggered by an attempt to submit the form has finished.
      void onValidationResult​(CmsForm form, boolean ok)
      This method is called when the normal validation triggered by changing fields has finished.
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