Class CmsPropertiesEntryPoint

    • Field Detail

      • m_closeLink

        protected java.lang.String m_closeLink
        The link to open after editing the properties / property definition is finished.
      • m_needsPropertyDefinitionDialog

        protected boolean m_needsPropertyDefinitionDialog
        Flag which indicates that the property definition dialog needs to be opened.
    • Method Detail

      • editProperties

        protected void editProperties​(org.opencms.util.CmsUUID structureId)
        Starts the property editor for the resource with the given structure id.

        structureId - the structure id of a resource
      • editPropertyDefinition

        protected void editPropertyDefinition()
        Opens the dialog for creating new property definitions.

      • onClosePropertyDialog

        protected void onClosePropertyDialog()
        This method is called after the property dialog is closed.