Class A_CmsSitemapModeEntry

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      A_CmsSitemapModeEntry​(java.lang.String label)
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      A_CmsContextMenuItem generateMenuItem()
      Generates the context menu item.
      java.lang.String getIconClass()
      Returns a CSS class which should be used to display an icon, or null if no icon is required.
      java.lang.String getJspPath()
      Returns the JSP path for the command generation.
      java.lang.String getLabel()
      Returns the label (text) for the menu entry.
      java.lang.String getName()
      Returns the name of the entry.
      java.lang.String getReason()
      Returns the reason if the entry is de-activated .
      java.util.List<I_CmsContextMenuEntry> getSubMenu()
      Returns a list of I_CmsContextMenuEntry objects.
      boolean hasSubMenu()
      Returns true if this menu entry has a sub menu false otherwise.
      boolean isActive()
      Returns true if this menu entry is active false otherwise.
      boolean isSeparator()
      Returns true if this menu entry is a separator false otherwise.
      boolean isVisible()
      Returns true if this menu entry is visible false otherwise.
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