Class CmsListTab

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    public class CmsListTab
    implements I_CmsTruncable
    Tab widget to display a CmsList.

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      static java.lang.String TM_LITST_MENU
      Text metrics key for truncation.
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      void addClearListButton​( clickHandler)
      Adds a clear list button to the tab.
      int getRequiredHeight()
      Returns the required height.
      CmsScrollPanel getScrollPanel()
      Returns the scroll panel.
      void setClearButtonEnabled​(boolean enabled)
      Sets the clear list button enabled.
      void truncate​(java.lang.String textMetricsKey, int clientWidth)
      Truncates long text and sets the original text to the title attribute.
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    • Method Detail

      • addClearListButton

        public void addClearListButton​( clickHandler)
        Adds a clear list button to the tab.

        clickHandler - the button click handler
      • getRequiredHeight

        public int getRequiredHeight()
        Returns the required height.

        the height
      • setClearButtonEnabled

        public void setClearButtonEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Sets the clear list button enabled.

        enabled - true to enable the button