Class CmsUploadView

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    public class CmsUploadView
    Content of the upload dialog used to upload files in lists.
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      CmsUploadView​(java.lang.String uploadFolder, java.lang.String postCreateHandler, I_CmsUploadContext context, org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsListInfoBean info)
      Creates a new instance.
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      java.util.List<> getButtons()
      Gets the buttons.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsUploadView

        public CmsUploadView​(java.lang.String uploadFolder,
                             java.lang.String postCreateHandler,
                             I_CmsUploadContext context,
                             org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsListInfoBean info)
        Creates a new instance.
        uploadFolder - the upload folder
        postCreateHandler - the post-create handler
        context - the upload context
        info - the list info bean to display on top (may be null)
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      • getButtons

        public java.util.List<> getButtons()
        Gets the buttons.
        the buttons