Class CmsPropertyDefinitionButton

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    public class CmsPropertyDefinitionButton
    extends CmsPushButton
    Button for defining new properties from the property dialog.

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      protected void editPropertyDefinition()
      Opens the dialog for creating new property definitions.
      CmsFormDialog getDialog()
      Gets the dialog which this button is used for.
      void installOnDialog​(CmsFormDialog dialog)
      Installs the button on a dialog if the user has sufficient permissions.
      void onBeforeEditPropertyDefinition()
      Method which is called directly before the property definition dialog is opened.
      void onClosePropertyDefinitionDialog()
      Method which is called when the property definition dialog is closed.
      void setDialog​(CmsFormDialog dialog)
      Sets the dialog instance.
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    • Method Detail

      • getDialog

        public CmsFormDialog getDialog()
        Gets the dialog which this button is used for.

        the dialog for this button
      • installOnDialog

        public void installOnDialog​(CmsFormDialog dialog)
        Installs the button on a dialog if the user has sufficient permissions.

        dialog - the dialog to which the button should be added
      • onBeforeEditPropertyDefinition

        public void onBeforeEditPropertyDefinition()
        Method which is called directly before the property definition dialog is opened.

      • setDialog

        public void setDialog​(CmsFormDialog dialog)
        Sets the dialog instance.

        dialog - the dialog instance
      • editPropertyDefinition

        protected void editPropertyDefinition()
        Opens the dialog for creating new property definitions.