Class CmsFlowPanel

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    public class CmsFlowPanel
    A basic panel which is like GWT's FlowPanel, except it allows you to choose the HTML tag to use.

    Implements HasAllMouseHandlers.

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      Constructor Description
      Default constructor.
      CmsFlowPanel​( element)
      Wrapping constructor.
      CmsFlowPanel​(java.lang.String tag)
      Creates an empty flow panel with a given tag name.
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      void add​( w)
      Adds a new child widget to the panel. addMouseDownHandler​( handler) addMouseMoveHandler​( handler) addMouseOutHandler​( handler) addMouseOverHandler​( handler) addMouseUpHandler​( handler) addMouseWheelHandler​( handler)  
      void insert​( w, int beforeIndex)
      Inserts a widget at a given position.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsFlowPanel

        public CmsFlowPanel​( element)
        Wrapping constructor.

        element - the element to wrap
      • CmsFlowPanel

        public CmsFlowPanel​(java.lang.String tag)
        Creates an empty flow panel with a given tag name.
        tag - the HTML tag name to use
    • Method Detail

      • add

        public void add​( w)
        Adds a new child widget to the panel.
        Specified by:
        add in interface
        add in class
        w - the widget to be added
      • addMouseDownHandler

        public addMouseDownHandler​( handler)
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        addMouseDownHandler in interface
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      • addMouseMoveHandler

        public addMouseMoveHandler​( handler)
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        addMouseMoveHandler in interface
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      • addMouseOutHandler

        public addMouseOutHandler​( handler)
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        addMouseOutHandler in interface
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      • addMouseOverHandler

        public addMouseOverHandler​( handler)
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        addMouseOverHandler in interface
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      • addMouseUpHandler

        public addMouseUpHandler​( handler)
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        addMouseUpHandler in interface
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      • addMouseWheelHandler

        public addMouseWheelHandler​( handler)
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        addMouseWheelHandler in interface
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      • insert

        public void insert​( w,
                           int beforeIndex)
        Inserts a widget at a given position.

        w - the widget to insert
        beforeIndex - the position before which the widget should be inserted