Class CmsQuickLauncher

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,,,,, I_CmsToolbarButton

    public class CmsQuickLauncher
    extends CmsMenuButton
    implements I_CmsToolbarButton
    The user info toolbar button.

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static java.lang.String BUTTON_HTML
      Html for the menu button.
      protected static java.lang.String FONT_ICON_PREFIX
      The font icon HTML prefix.
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      protected void autoClose()
      Called on auto close.
      protected void fillItems​(java.util.Collection<org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsQuickLaunchData> quickLaunchData)
      Fills the quick launch menu with buttons corresponding to the given quick launch beans.
      protected I_CmsToolbarHandler getHandler()
      Returns the container-page handler.
      boolean isActive()
      Returns whether this button is active (pushed, not disabled).
      void onToolbarActivate()
      Method executed when the button is activated.
      void onToolbarClick()
      Executed when the tool-bar button is clicked.
      void onToolbarDeactivate()
      Method executed when the button is deactivated.
      void setActive​(boolean active)
      Sets the button to active (pushed, not disabled).
      void setHandler​(I_CmsToolbarHandler handler)
      Sets the button handler.
      void setQuicklaunchHandler​(CmsQuickLauncher.I_QuickLaunchHandler handler)
      Sets the quick launch handler and makes the button visible.
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