Class CmsScrollPanelImpl

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    public class CmsScrollPanelImpl
    extends CmsScrollPanel
    Scroll panel implementation with custom scroll bars. Works in all browsers but IE7.

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      protected getVerticalScrollBar()
      Returns the vertical scroll bar.
      java.util.Iterator<> iterator()  
      protected void onAttach()  
      void onBrowserEvent​( event)  
      protected void onLoad()  
      void onResizeDescendant()
      This method should be called when a descendant widget changes its size.
      protected void onUnload()  
      void setResizable​(boolean resize)
      Sets the scrollpanel resizeable.
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        public java.util.Iterator<> iterator()
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        iterator in interface
        Specified by:
        iterator in interface java.lang.Iterable<>
        iterator in class
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      • onBrowserEvent

        public void onBrowserEvent​( event)
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        onBrowserEvent in interface
        onBrowserEvent in class
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      • getVerticalScrollBar

        protected getVerticalScrollBar()
        Returns the vertical scroll bar.

        the vertical scroll bar
      • onLoad

        protected void onLoad()
        onLoad in class
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      • onUnload

        protected void onUnload()
        onUnload in class
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