Class CmsContextMenu

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,,,,,, I_CmsAutoHider

    public class CmsContextMenu
    implements, I_CmsAutoHider
    A implementation for a context menu.

    version 8.0.0
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      void addAutoHidePartner​( partner)
      Mouse events that occur within an autoHide partner will not hide a panel set to autoHide.
      void addItem​(A_CmsContextMenuItem item)
      Adds a menu item to this menu.
      void addSeparator()
      Adds a separator to this menu.
      protected A_CmsContextMenuItem getSelectedItem()
      Returns the selected item of this menu.
      void hide()
      Hides the widget.
      void hideAll()
      Hides this menu and all its parent menus.
      boolean isAutoHideEnabled()
      Returns if the auto hide feature is enabled.
      boolean isAutoHideOnHistoryEventsEnabled()
      Returns if the auto hide on history event feature is enabled.
      protected void onClose()
      Action on close.
      void onResize​( event)
      If the browser's window is resized this method rearranges the sub menus of the selected item.
      protected void openPopup​(A_CmsContextMenuItem item)
      Opens a sub menu and sets its position.
      void removeAutoHidePartner​( partner)
      Removes an auto-hide partner.
      void setAutoHideEnabled​(boolean autoHide)
      Enable or disable the autoHide feature.
      void setAutoHideOnHistoryEventsEnabled​(boolean enabled)
      Enable or disable autoHide on history change events.
      void setParentItem​(A_CmsContextMenuItem parentItem)
      Sets the parent item.
      protected void setSelectedItem​(A_CmsContextMenuItem selectedItem)
      Sets the selected item of this menu.
      protected void setSubMenuPosition​(A_CmsContextMenuItem item)
      Sets the position of the sub menu popup.
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