Class A_CmsSelectCell

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    CmsLabelSelectCell, CmsMultiSelectCell

    public abstract class A_CmsSelectCell
    An abstract class for widgets which represent options for select boxes.

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      int getRequiredWidth()
      Measures the required width for this cell.
      abstract java.lang.String getValue()
      Returns the value of the select option as a string.
      <H extends>
      registerDomHandler​(H handler,<H> type)
      Adds a new event handler to the widget.
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      • getRequiredWidth

        public int getRequiredWidth()
        Measures the required width for this cell.

        the required width
      • getValue

        public abstract java.lang.String getValue()
        Returns the value of the select option as a string.

        the value of the select option
      • registerDomHandler

        public <H extends> registerDomHandler​(H handler,
                                                                                                                             <H> type)
        Adds a new event handler to the widget.

        This method is used because we want the select box to register some event handlers on this widget, but we can't use Widget.addDomHandler(H,<H>) directly, since it's both protected and final.

        Type Parameters:
        H - the event type
        handler - the new event handler
        type - the event type object
        the HandlerRegistration for removing the event handler