Class CmsErrorWidget

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    public class CmsErrorWidget
    Helper class for displaying errors.

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      boolean hasError()
      Returns true if a error message is set.
      protected void hideError()
      Hides the error.
      protected void setErrorVisible​(boolean visible)
      Sets the visibility of the error label.
      void setText​(java.lang.String text)
      Sets the text for the error message.
      protected void showError()
      Shows the error.
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      • hasError

        public boolean hasError()
        Returns true if a error message is set.

        true if a error message is set
      • setText

        public void setText​(java.lang.String text)
        Sets the text for the error message.

        If the text parameter is null, the error message will be hidden.

        text -
      • hideError

        protected void hideError()
        Hides the error.

      • setErrorVisible

        protected void setErrorVisible​(boolean visible)
        Sets the visibility of the error label.

        visible - true if the error should be visible
      • showError

        protected void showError()
        Shows the error.