Class CmsSelectionInput

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    public class CmsSelectionInput
    Text input field with value select opener button and value fader for overflowing values.

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      CmsSelectionInput​(java.lang.String openerIcon)
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      CmsSimpleTextBox getTextBox()
      Returns the input box.
      void hideFader()
      Hides the fader.
      void setOpenCommand​( openCommand)
      Sets the value select dialog open command.
      void showFader()
      Shows the fader.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsSelectionInput

        public CmsSelectionInput​(java.lang.String openerIcon)

        openerIcon - the image icon class
    • Method Detail

      • hideFader

        public void hideFader()
        Hides the fader.

      • setOpenCommand

        public void setOpenCommand​( openCommand)
        Sets the value select dialog open command.

        openCommand - the command
      • showFader

        public void showFader()
        Shows the fader.