Class CmsUserSettingsDialog

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,<>,,,,,,,,,,,, java.lang.Iterable<>, I_CmsAutoHider, I_CmsFormSubmitHandler

    public class CmsUserSettingsDialog
    extends CmsFormDialog
    implements I_CmsFormSubmitHandler
    Dialog used for changing the user settings.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsUserSettingsDialog

        public CmsUserSettingsDialog​(org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsUserSettingsBean userSettings,
                                     java.lang.Runnable finishAction)
        Creates a new widget instance.

        userSettings - the current user settings
        finishAction - the action to execute when the user has edited the user settings
    • Method Detail

      • loadAndShow

        public static void loadAndShow​(java.lang.Runnable finishAction)
        Loads the user settings dialog.

        finishAction - the action to execute after the user has changed his preferences
      • onLoad

        protected void onLoad()
        onLoad in class
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      • updateHeight

        protected void updateHeight()
        Updates the panel height depending on the content of the current tab.