Class CmsResourceRelationView

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    public class CmsResourceRelationView
    implements I_CmsDescendantResizeHandler
    Widget which shows which contents refer to a resource.

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      static class  CmsResourceRelationView.Mode
      Enum for the display mode.
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      protected static java.util.Set<java.lang.String> m_filteredActions
      Set of context menu actions which we do not want to appear in the context menu for the relation source items.
      protected CmsList<CmsListItem> m_list
      The panel containing the resource boxes.
      protected CmsList<CmsListItem> m_otherSitesList
      List for relations from other sites.
      protected m_panel
      Main panel.
      protected CmsPopup m_popup
      The popup which contains this widget.
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      protected void fill()
      Creates and renders the resource boxes for the related resources.
      void initContent​(org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsResourceStatusBean status)
      Initializes the content.
      void onResizeDescendant()
      This method should be called when a descendant widget changes its size.
      void setPopup​(CmsPopup popup)
      Sets the popup which contains this widget.
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