Class CmsMoveAnimation

  • public class CmsMoveAnimation
    extends A_CmsAnimation
    Move animation. Moving the given element from it's start to it's end position and executing the given call-back on complete.

    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      CmsMoveAnimation​( element, int startTop, int startLeft, int endTop, int endLeft, callback)
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      protected void onUpdate​(double progress)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsMoveAnimation

        public CmsMoveAnimation​( element,
                                int startTop,
                                int startLeft,
                                int endTop,
                                int endLeft,
        Constructor. Setting the element to animate, it's start and end position.

        element - the element
        startTop - the start top
        startLeft - the start left
        endTop - the end top
        endLeft - the end left
        callback - the call-back to execute on complete
    • Method Detail

      • onUpdate

        protected void onUpdate​(double progress)
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        onUpdate in class
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