Interface I_CmsEmbeddedDialogFrame

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    public interface I_CmsEmbeddedDialogFrame
    Interface to expose the embedded frame methods as Javascript methods so they can be called from a different GWT context.
    • Method Detail

      • hide

        void hide()
        Hides the iframe.
      • loadDialog

        void loadDialog​(java.lang.String dialogInfoJson,
                        I_CmsEmbeddedDialogHandlerJsCallbacks handler)
        Triggers loading of a new dialog in the iframe.

        If the iframe has not been created/initialized yet, this will trigger the initialization and load the dialog afterwards.

        dialogInfoJson - the serialized dialog info JSON from an I_CmsEmbeddedDialogInfo bean
        handler - the embedded dialog handler
      • preload

        void preload()
        Triggers initialization of the iframe.