Class CmsExternalLayout

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    public class CmsExternalLayout
    Client-side implementation for the ExternalLayout addon. A simple, single-component panel that renders the contained component in the given element.

    Risto Yrjänä / Vaadin Ltd.
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      protected getContainerElement()
      This is overridden so that SimplePanel.setWidget(Widget) uses the specified external element. getRenderTargetElement()
      Returns the target element.
      void setRenderTargetElement​( renderTargetElement)
      Sets the target element.
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      • getRenderTargetElement

        public getRenderTargetElement()
        Returns the target element.

        the target element
      • setRenderTargetElement

        public void setRenderTargetElement​( renderTargetElement)
        Sets the target element.

        renderTargetElement - the target element
      • getContainerElement

        protected getContainerElement()
        This is overridden so that SimplePanel.setWidget(Widget) uses the specified external element.
        getContainerElement in class