Class CmsSingleFileUploadHandler

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      java.lang.String getFileName​(java.lang.String originalFileName)
      Returns the new file name.
      java.lang.String getTargetFolderPath()
      Returns the targetFolderPath.
      void initializeFileInput​(CmsFileInput fileInput)
      Custom setup method for newly created file inputs.
      void onChange​(CmsFileInput fileInput)
      Notifies the button handler that the file input field's value has changed.
      void setButton​(I_CmsUploadButton button)
      This method should be called when the handler is set on a button.
      void setCloseHandler​(<> closeHandler)
      Sets the dialog close handler.
      void setTargetFileName​(java.lang.String fileName)
      Sets the target file name.
      void setTargetFileNamePrefix​(java.lang.String targetFileNamePrefix)
      Sets the target file name prefix.
      void setTargetFolderPath​(java.lang.String folderPath)
      Sets the target folder path.
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