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Appearance in the content editor

In an XSD, the appearance of the content in the content editor can be configured in various ways:

  • widgets used for elements are configurable,
  • elements can be hidden dependend on context information (e.g., depending on the user)
  • elements can be grouped into tabs
  • ....
Various ways to change the contents behavior
  • Each value has a comfortable way to specify it. Say "true" by clicking a checkbox, refer to an image by chosing it from a gallery and so on. Widgets provide various ways to enter a value. Check out which widgets are available, how to configure them for your content type and how to write your own widgets.

  • Not everyone should edit everything - learn how to hide editor fields in the content editors.

  • Large content? - Display the editor fields grouped in tabs!

  • The value entered in one editor field should influence the value of another field? No problem - make the fields dependent.

  • The values of content elements can differ for different languages by default. But you can force the same value for each language. Here you learn how.

  • You can adjust how contents of a type are indexed. If they should be found by themselves, only on a container page or not at all. You can configure which fields should not be indexed and also specify additional index fields.