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Documented since: 9.5 Latest revision for: 9.5 Valid for OpenCms: 13.0

Content is the heart of a content management system. So the concept of content is essential. In the topics listed below, you find information on content in OpenCms.

General information on content
  • OpenCms has a clear concept of content and a strict separation of content and layout. We explain the concept of content and the OpenCms idea of how to get content into web pages.

Basic tutorials
Schema definition for a content type
  • For each content type the structure and content specific behavior is specified in XML schema defintions. Find out how to write such a defintion.

  • Define the structure of your content - here you learn how!

  • In the content type definition (the XSD) you can configure content's behavior with respect to various facets, e.g., search, appearance, defaults, .... We survey the configuration options and point to topics exploring the various options in depth.

Rendering content
More on content
  • You need to link from a condensed view of your contents, e.g., in a list, to a page showing all the content's details? With OpenCms' detail page mechanism you create and configure only one page to get pages for all your contents automatically.

  • OpenCms ships with several predefined content types. We survey the content types shipped with OpenCms and possibly of interest when setting up a website.

  • User generated content (UGC) allows editing of XML content via a web form from the online project. Content can be added or edited and you have fine-grained control on who can do it.