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Writing workplace apps

Writing workplace apps becomes really ease with the new workplace introduced in OpenCms 10.

In this topic, we only show the output of the example. To understand it, view the source (with an additional explanation) on GitHub.

The workplace apps added by the example

The example adds a new app category "Example Apps" with the apps "List" and "Form". While "Form" documents the main features for workplace apps in a very simple way without any "useful" functionality, the "List" app displays a list of resources in the same way the explorer does and you can operate on these resources the same way.

Fig. [example_apps_in_launchpad]: The example's module installs the app category "Example Apps" with the two apps "Form" and "List"
Fig. [form_app]: The main view of the "Form" app
Fig. [list_app]: The "List" app