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Documented since: 9.5 Latest revision for: 9.5 Valid for OpenCms: 13.0

This documentation is not the only source of information about OpenCms. Other documentation with different focus is available. Here we present an overview of these different documentation sources.


The JavaDoc for the OpenCms source is available online. The documentation is split into four separate parts:


The TLDDoc for the OpenCms taglib provides detailed information on all available tags and functions. It is a useful reference when writing JSPs in OpenCms.

The Demo template

OpenCms ships with a feature-rich demo template. It presents most of the OpenCms features in action. It is meant to give an impression of what is possible. Therefore, the demo website is already quite complex. Nevertheless, it provides an excellent source of information.

Mailing list

If you have questions on OpenCms, subscribe to the mailing list.

OpenCms homepage

Get the latest news, releases, and so on: visit

The wiki

If you cannot find suitable information in this documentation you can try to look them up in the OpenCms wiki. But notice:

The OpenCms wiki is not well maintained and may contain outdated information.