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New in OpenCms 10.0

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In OpenCms since: 10.0 Valid for OpenCms: 13.0
New features in OpenCms 10.0
  • OpenCms 10 features a completely reworked workplace with a modernized look & feel.

  • OpenCms 10 adds several features to improve the development experience. In particular

    • Git version control is integrated
    • Module management can be performed via the network share
    • The module export format has been adjusted to prevent merge conflicts in version control systems
    • OpenCms configuration can be adjusted dynamically on start-up via XSLT
  • With the <cms:search> tag OpenCms 10 provides an easy way to implement a feature-rich full text search.

  • Up to OpenCms 9.5 lists were build using <cms:contentload>. Since OpenCms 10 <cms:search>, <cms:display> and <cms:edit> provide a much more powerful way to build list.

  • OpenCms 10 allows to drag'n'drop images directly from galleries into contents. The new feature makes image handling much more intuitive for content editors. Moreover, it is very easy to add to existing contents.

  • For headers and footers, it is valuable to manage their content in a central place and just render them on all web pages. Model groups, in particular reuse groups, enable the implementation of that scenario. Moreover, the experimental copy groups allow to arrange several container page elements and drag'n'drop them as a whole to a container page.

  • With the introduction of nested containers in OpenCms 9.5 it became possible to build up a website from layout elements and "real" content element, that render text or images. In particular in combination with responsive design frameworks this technique proved to be very powerful. But to wrap the full flexibility of a responsive design framework in your template, you either had to write very complex formatters, or dissect your contents into very tiny snippets and loose semantical relations, or force the editor to place the same content several times but rendered with different formatters on the same page.

    Macro formatters takle this problem.

Improved in OpenCms 10
  • The explorer has been rewritten. It has a modernized look & feel and provides many new convenient features, such as filter and sort functionality.